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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cheng Du Young Generation ----- Macau Contemporary Art Exhibition

Cheng Du Young Generation
----- Macau Contemporary Art Exhibition

The concept of “Cheng Du Young Generation” , is on the basis of the determination value of Cheng Du, as Cheng Du became the second city of Chinese contemporary art. As well as Cheng Du’s learning position on the foundation knowledge of new art power. Under this hypothesis, the art works made by using different language modes are arranged visually, together with Macau students undergoes learning exchange. Under the macroscopic background of contemporary art, this type of exchange is necessary and with good will.

Exhibition Period: 15/7 ~ 27/8/2006

Participation Artists: Wang Yuxin, Wang Rui, Wang Ting, Wang Xiaoxing, Li Bing, Xiao Zheluo, Xing Xin, He Liping, He Jianzhong, Wu Jiangtao, Wu Xuejun, Lin Maosen, Hu Xing, Xu Dian, Xu Peng, Qin Hubin, Guo Yan, Zeng Pu, Zhang Peng, Yang Jiayong, Fei Hualiang, Zheng Yong, Liu Min

Curator: Chan Mo (Cheng Du)
Director: Noah (Macau)

Organization: Old ladies’ House Art Space
Sponsor: IACM; Foundation Henry Fok

Under Construction ----Gary Wong Photography Exhibition

New Art People Project 2006
Under Construction
----- Gary Wong Photography Exhibition

Gary Wong, born in 1968, developed his interest of appreciation in arts through childhood television and comics. He also makes attempts in visual arts programs of traditional Chinese painting, watercolor painting and etching etc. He has regretted not persisting into such train-ups and a lack of focus on specializing art interest.
He has developed his interest into the world of (digital) photography, and started “Constant Infrastructure” since 2004. Primarily aimed to shoot memorial photos at visited spots, it has emerged into a series, where photos with exaggerating colors attempt to express scenes of regeneration, documenting the urban changes of Macau under rapid economic changes over the past 2 years.
Wong will continue to extend this concept to his photography in the future, also hope to enhance his photography skills, hand in hand, improving himself while the city blossoms.

Exhibition Period: 15/7 ~ 27/8/2006
Organization: Old ladies’ House Art Space
Sponsor: IACM